Twin Track Thursdays – Paint Everything

Finally. Getting going here. I dusted off a song from 6 years ago to see what it would sound like on the blog. A bit rusty, but always good!

South – Paint the Silence
I first heard of South on the OC. I really enjoyed mellow indie music while I was very, very young (middle school). It reminiscent and soothing. Although this version has a bit of crackle to it, it shows you how old this track is!  You can always go download a better version if you wish. 🙂

[audio:|titles=Paint the Silence|artists=South]

The Rentals – Little Bit of You in Everything
I have no idea where I heard this from. I have no idea how it ended up on my itunes, but somehow… it came onto “Now Playing”. The guy is the former bass player of Weezer and the girl out of thin air. This was actually a bit popular on the billboards a while ago (1995). The band actually opened for a few popular groups, such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Sad they don’t produce songs like this anymore. Nevertheless, enjoy!

[audio:|titles=Little Bit of You in Everything|artists=The Rentals]