Track Thursdays: Missing September

The last week of September just kills me! The music coming out is just delicious.

Marina and the Diamonds – How to be a Heartbreaker

“Love you – at least I think I do.”

Who knew there were so many rules to be a heart-breaking diva? I’m obsessed with Marina and the Diamonds. Her album, Electra Heart, is nothing but sugar for those pop-hungry ears. How to be a Heartbreaker is a bit different from her other tracks, showing off Marina’s skills at all types of music. I kind of like dance-pop-queen Marina. What do you think?

(Upon looking at the list of songs I’ve put in Track Thursdays, I’m a bit shamed to see that Marina and the Diamonds haven’t been showcased yet. Future post reminder!)

Rihanna – Diamonds

“Shine bright like a diamond.”

Yes, Rihanna! Coming back into her style with a slow, catchy song. Even Chris Brown is paying homage to this diva with a tattoo of her face on his neck – oops!

Christina Aguilera – Your Body

“All I wanna do is love your body. Tonight’s your lucky night, I know you want me.”

Christina, I’m so tired of all of the video trailers you give us! She finally provides the video and it does not shame! Though it seems like her style is evolving from the pop princess she once was, it’s refreshing to see her make a comeback (her last video was Candyman, a year ago).


Like these? Let me know! Pixie Lott is also a pop-diva you should listen to!