Project LinkedIn: Week 4 – Utilizing Your Network

Back this week. Let’s get into it!


Week 4 Course Outline

Level 1 – The LinkedIn Network – Your Right-Hand Column
1. People You May Know
2. Who’s Viewed Your Profile
3. Your LinkedIn Network
4. Groups You May Like
5. Companies You May Like to Follow

Level 2 – Adding Connections Carefully
1. Stop Spamming
2. Avoid Disconnecting

Level 3 – LinkedIn Marketing Tips II
1. When to Connect?
2. Sharing with Buffer


Keep on going!


Level 1 – The LinkedIn Network – Your Right-Hand Column

This week, we will dive into building that beautiful network of yours!

What’s even more convenient – it’s all though the right column of your LinkedIn homepage!


1. People You May Know

One of the easiest method to update and add connections is to let LinkedIn suggest it for you!


LinkedIn will go through the information on your profile and group potential connections into various groups.


1. (above) Groups you may select to narrow down your network to add connections through.

2. (above) Individuals you may simply add by clicking “Connect”

How easy is that?

Tip: LinkedIn doesn’t keep track of your connection requests – keep that in mind if you want to continue “Connect”-ing the same potential connection until he/she accepts your connection request.

Tip 2: NEVER add-all. Stop being lazy!


2. Who’s Viewed Your Profile

This is LinkedIn’s “analytics” for you.


Click anywhere in the first statistic to be brought to the page with a graph chart!

There are two charts to keep in mind:


View Count


This counts how many times your profile has been viewed (by weekly increments).

Have you done anything in the recent weeks to decrease or increase your profile view count?

Maybe you have promoted your profile to your social network?

Whatever you do – keep track of the trends and check regularly to see who has viewed your profile (in the left column).  Prospective employers should always be on your radar.


Appearance in Search Count


When people search in LinkedIn, they will stumble onto a list full of profiles.

You can pop up in a search based on anything from your industry to your current employer – specifically, based on what you have made viewable to the searching user.

Remember how we talked about making your profile mostly public? This is why. You want to capture as many views as you can!


Though statistics are important, don’t get too focused on numbers alone. Quality over quantity!


3. Your LinkedIn Network

One of the easiest steps – to parse through your e-mail for connections!


Remember – to add carefully. Don’t get lazy and add each connection with intent!


Follow the steps and let LinkedIn do the work for you!


4. Groups You May like

LinkedIn is a great hub to bring together people from many different industries. Joining a group allows you to follow people with similar interests, hobbies… whatever you desire!


One of the big thing to check out are the groups your connections are in.

As a new graduate, I noticed the trend of my connections in groups for my alma mater. After I checked those out, I was immediately welcomed by other new connections with opportunities to alumni and new graduates.


You are an individual.

Show other new connections that you bring something special to their group!


5. Companies You May Like to Follow

Follow and get notifications when your favorite companies post updates & openings.

Why would you not??


Here, you can quickly see which companies your connections are a part of.



Go get ’em, tiger!


Level 2 – Adding Connections Carefully

1. Stop Spamming

So, you don’t have that many connections. Don’t worry! It will grow with time.

Remember: LinkedIn is a process – not something you set up in one day.

If you haven’t taken the time to add carefully, you might end up with a LinkedIn network full of connections that are irrelevant to you.

Nothing is more awkward than a prospective employer to see a mutual connection to only find out that you’ve never even talked to each other. Your profile now has 0 credibility to this prospective employer.

Avoid this by only connecting those who you can be comfortable to talk about.


2. Avoid Disconnecting 

In general, once you add – try to avoid disconnecting.

You never know where in life, a connection may come up again.

Imagine looking up someone (whether it be for a job or school) you had connected with only to find that they have disconnected with you? What would you think?

This is entirely up to you. This is why you have to be careful when adding connections!


Level 3 – LinkedIn Marketing Tips II

1. When to Connect?

You should NOT connect with people under any circumstances:

  • Interviewer (what is more embarrassing is if you don’t get the position!)
    • This actually happens quite often – common sense, right?
  • That “friend” from the club the other night
  • Inanimate objects and/or pets
  • The coworker/peer you have never spoken to and/or worked with
  • Random people in your industry (MESSAGE them first and talk! Push them into the mentor category first!)

But DO connect with these potential connections:

  • Coworkers you work closely with
  • Friends (subjective note: keep your LinkedIn relationship professional)
  • Recruiters (that you are interested in working with)
  • Mentors

When in doubt, ask yourself if you can explain how the connection started (and vice versa – put yourself in their shoes!).

Your network is the strongest asset on LinkedIn.


2. Sharing with Buffer

I love Buffer.


What exactly is it?

Buffer is a one-stop application that will push updates (blurbs, links, whatever your heart desires) to various social media channels.

If you are an avid article poster like myself, you will find that Buffer makes life SO much easier!


This application will help you post relevant articles to your social media channels, namely LinkedIn, at pre-determined intervals and (with a browser add-on) it can be one with a single mouse click! Definitely a great solution to share links and keep your profile updated.

If you don’t believe me, see what others think of Buffer.


Thoughts for the Week

LinkedIn is becoming the top social network – good thing you’re on-board!

You need to be a salesman. Sell the best thing you can ever sell in your lifetime – yourself.

Utilize the assets around you. Make the most of it! Sell yourself and get that dream job you’ve always thought of!


Phew! I got it done this week!

Let me know what you think. Send me your comments!


Until later, my weekend warriors!