Project LinkedIn: Week 3 – Beefing Up Your Profile!


Week 3 Course Outline

Level 1 – Keywords
1. Headline
2. Summary
3. Skills
4. Other Fields
5. Order It Around
6. Get Connecting!

Level 2 – Public & Private

Level 3 – LinkedIn Marketing Tips I


Keep on going!


Level 1 – Keywords

Let’s begin wrapping up that profile!

1. Headline

Update it!

Make it pertain to the jobs you are looking for.

Everyone is an individual – WHO are you? This is what people will see right away. Make it memorable.


Tip: Double up! Put those headlines in your skill section as well!


2. Summary

Expand on your headline. DESCRIBE yourself.

linkedin-summary linkedin-summary-example

Lists. Lists. Lists.

People don’t have a lot of time when skimming profiles. Describe yourself and get to the point!


3. Skills

Tip: Headline, Summary, Skill and (preferably) your job experiences) should all be very similar. What asset are you to your employer? Your profile should say so, repeatedly.

linkedin-skills-add linkedin-skills-example


4. Other Fields

The rest is not really necessary, but great to  help show how well-rounded you are.

Volunteered? Stick them in the Experience section if it pertains to your career and Volunteering & Causes if you want to add it to your profile!

Speak multiple languages? Throw them in the Languages section!


BUT by all means, don’t throw everything you have on your profile. Let your others SEE that you are an asset, but SHOW them you’re remarkable yourself.

5. Order It Around

All of the modules in your profile can be reordered.

My order:

Honors & Awards
Skills & Expertise
Volunteer Experiences & Causes
Additional Info

6. Get Connecting!

Go for it! Start connecting with your network! You should have a decently-filled profile by now!

Level 2 – Public & Private

How does the world see you? Do you know?

Let’s fix that.


Here, you can edit how much of your information is open to the public.


What I recommend is to make most of your profile public for recruiters.

This is all up to you – just know you have full control!


Level 3 – LinkedIn Marketing Tips I

Let’s focus on 2 this week.

#1: Review and Reboot Your LinkedIn Profile… Frequently

Each time you update your profile, the update is shared to your network as long as you have this feature enabled in your settings.

#2: Build a Deep and Wide Network

Also make sure there is some relevant reason why it would make sense to connect.

Do they live in my community?
Do we belong to the same group(s)?
Are they connected to someone I know?
Do we or have we worked in the same industry?
Do we share common hobbies, interests or causes?
Have they read or spread my content?
Have they included a personal note with the invitation?
I’m much more likely to connect with people if they provide a good reason why they would like to connect, rather than sending a generic invitation.

Connect. Update. Keep those up and keep your profile active in the LinkedIn community!

Via Social Media Examiner


Thoughts for the Week

Next week, we will start to go after your network you want to begin being a part of.

Remember this?

Who inspires you?

Who inspires your work?

What blogs do you read?

How do you keep up in your industry?

Now let’s start naming companies, people and places. For next week!

Don’t burn out! We’re almost there!


Another week done!

Let me know what you think. Send me your comments!


Until next week, my weekend warriors!