Project LinkedIn: Week 1 – Signing Up


Week 1 Course Outline

Level 1 – Building the Profile
1. Sign up
2. Confirming your e-mail address
3. Filling out your information – the rough draft
4. Free Profile  & Skip Adding Connections (for now)
5. Brief Overview

Level 2 – Completion Ranking
1. LinkedIn All-Star
2. How does this affect your profile?

Level 3 – Great Reads


Let’s get started!


Level 1 – Building the Profile

BIG RED NONO: Don’t share your profile link until you complete it. More on this later, but think like a baker – Never sell an unfrosted cupcake!

1. Sign up!

Tip: Use your professional e-mail address (, Rule of thumb: an e-mail address you can say out loud and proud at a company meeting. reCareered recommends setting up a separate email for your job search. This is all up to you – just keep the e-mail username PROFESSIONAL! ( = nono)

Tip 2: Signed up already with an old e-mail? You can set which e-mail is visible in your profile settings.

Tip 3: It is against LinkedIn policy to have multiple profiles for yourself. Just something to keep in-mind.


Fill out your information!



2. Confirm email

Check your e-mail and confirm your e-mail address is valid. Your account will not be active until then.


Make sure you see this:


Note: Your e-mail that is displayed CAN be changed in your preferences (account > Add & change e-mail address > make your visible e-mail your primary.)

3. Fill out your information  – the rough draft

Add your information.

Since this is a rough draft for now, do it as best as you can. We can edit all this later.

I don’t recommend taking too long here. I want you to see the whole picture before you start investing time into filling out your profile.


4 . Free Profile  & Skip Adding Connections (for now)

Basic is totally fine for now. Feel free to upgrade once you have completed your profile (this is waaaay later on).


All of these are prompts to get you to add connection.

Skip them!

Connect with people once you are done with your profile!

If you already have a profile with connections – don’t remove them (more on this later).

linkedin-add-people3 linkedin-add-people2 linkedin-add-people

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 5.25.24 PM


5. Brief Overview

Phew! We’re finally here.

Feel free to fill in some of the information and follow their 6-step guide.

Since we will work on developing the content next week, I highly recommend you to just get content into your profile. Copy & Paste – whatever works. Time to bust our those resumes.


Quick overview:

The blue box at the top will be notifications pertaining to profile updates OR ways to connect with others. Definitely take LinkedIn up on the offer when you have a chance.

Left column is your content. You control what is in the left column.

Right column is dynamic. Your connection & ways to additionally connect are here.


Well – that’s it for your one hour!

Keep going if you have more time – just more information to keep you on your feet!

If you have any questions – feel free to comment below.


Level 2 – Completion Ranking

1. LinkedIn All-Star

Profile Strength one of LinkedIn’s new features, ranked by a circle on your right-hand column only visible to you.

Simple concept: the more complete your profile is, the higher your profile strength. Though an All-Star simply means that you have completed your profile, maintenance is key.





2. How does this affect your profile?


Professional networking site reports that its members whose profiles are more than 75% complete are two times more likely to be contacted by recruiters than those with 50-75% complete profiles.


Factors that create the real, All-Star profile found by recruiters:

  • Crucial fields all filled in (name, contact information, education, job description – things that will garner you the All-Star strength)
  • Regular updates to the profile (updating description, jobs and other fields)
  • Creating connections
  • Status updates

Remember what I said? Take it slowly. Don’t burn out now.

Updates will keep your profile “active” – you always want to contribute in one factor or another on a routine basis. These factors above are all made public on the newsfeed to your connections. It’s how the outside world sees you!


Level 3 – Great Reads

Staying on top of your profile means staying on top of the news. Check out these blogs – some are wonderful reads!

Social Media Examiner

One of the biggest social media websites around. Plethora of constantly updated information all at your fingertips. Definite recommendation, especially for those of you who are considering working in the social media industry.


A general good website for social media. They don’t post frequently – a great blog to follow for those not checking your RSS feeds daily.

Mashable – Social Media Feed

Yes, Mashable. Their social media section provides a ton of information just like Social Media Examiner. However, this feed is filled with anything in the news pertaining to social media, including popular news. Want just LinkedIn? Here you go.


Thoughts for the Week

Next week, we will be choosing your profile photo and begin filling in your detailed information on LinkedIn. Start collecting those resumes!

Think about your “image”. Literally.

Who are you?

How do you want to be portrayed?

The first impression is what counts the most. If you need to schedule in a time for a headshot do it. This is a huge investment you can use for the next few years. Take the time!

Tip: Grab that photographer friend of yours and ask them for a favor – take them out to lunch or dinner to tell them how much you appreciate their work!


I hope you enjoyed my first week.

Let me know what you think. Send me your comments!


Until next week, my weekend warriors!