Project LinkedIn: An Introduction

I’m really excited to announce my weekly segments that will help you create a complete and impressive LinkedIn profile!

Many of you have come up to me asking me to help create, edit and improve your profile. I’ve been blessed with a bunch of great offers through LinkedIn and I want to help you all. I want to empower you to realize your potential and be ready for that moment when opportunities arise.

LinkedIn will be one of your most worthwhile investments.


For those who just said, “Steven, I have no clue what you are talking about.” or “WTF is LinkedIn?” – see video below.



Have you ever thought:

I need more time to build my LinkedIn profile…

Everyone tells me I should have one…

I don’t understand LinkedIn…

Seems too difficult to start…

You’re not alone.

Project LinkedIn is a weekly segment that will help you create an all-star LinkedIn profile in the next few weeks.


Each week is broken into three levels:

Level 1 – Bare minimum

Basic skeleton to creating a complete profile (1 hour or less workload per week)

Level 2 – In-depth

Additional content building (2-4 hours)

Level 3 – Power-user

Utilizing LinkedIn powerfully (4+ hours)


Additionally, to prepare you for the following week, there will be a section called:

Thoughts for the Week

One of the things I stress is to take it slowly. LinkedIn is something you will constantly revisit through your professional career – no point in burning out now. Thoughts for the Week is a quick segment to ease you into the following week’s task. You can do it whenever you are free and, oftentimes, wherever you are as well.


With that in mind, here it is for next week:

Thoughts for the Week

Personal branding. Begin to look into how you will brand yourself in business. What are some of your talents, skills and expertise? What do your friends come to you asking for help in?

Past the required skills for a job, it is your uniqueness that will make you stand out above the rest during application. How will you be a valuable asset to your employer?

Use your knowledge to your advantage in becoming the best salesman/woman you can be. You’re selling the best product you can ever sell – yourself.

Something to think about through the next few weeks.


I’m so excited to do this with you.

Ideas? Things you want me to touch base on? Let me know!

I can’t wait for next week’s post! That profile will be up before you know it!