My New Year’s Resolution


I made you a cake. Ay, keep to the topic!!!

My sad attempt to make marble cake resulted in me driving all the way to the nearest Albertson’s at 10PM to find more ingredients- because the last cake had used up all of my eggs and baking powder.

I also grabbed a bag of small semi-sweet chocolate chips, because the bigger ones melt ever so slow…


Beautiful, isn’t it?

Lesson learned from the first cake: stop swirling the chocolate because with every swirl, it will get uglier.


Even the sides came out lovely! Below is the top view of the cake.



Sometimes, the first slice does not show off much. As my family and I ate the cake, I soon discovered that this slice was the ugliest of them all. Sad, isn’t it? 


Oh gosh, more fatty goodness! Melted some of those tiny semi-sweet chocolate chips with half-and-half cream.


This was a freaking delicious cake.


I actually took a bite before realizing that I had forgotten to take a picture! Bad Steven!

Oh, I forgot- my new year’s resolution is to actually blog… regularly. We’ll see how long that lasts.