Green Tea & Azuki Cupcakes

Today, I present to you cupcakes I made for my friend’s birthday… which sadly I cannot find the recipe I found online. I had printed it out a while ago, and I forgot where I got it from. 🙁 Well, enjoy!

These cupcakes were such a bitch to make. Look at them all. They smirk with evil smiles!

This was actually the second picture I took with my SLR. The quality is really nice, but this is macro using a 55mm lens. Impossible! I switched over to my hand-held after the grueling experience.

The cupcake is made with a devil food cake recipe. What a bad choice.

Wow, these cupcakes look sick. *laugh* The frosting was made with butter, cream cheese, powdered sugar, and green tea powder. Apparently, powder sugar was called for as a thickening agent for the frosting – but I didn’t realize until I had put in 3 cups of powder sugar that this was going to be too sweet. Ah! Toothache. It was topped off with a small mochi ball made from a box of Mochiko and used some more green tea powder to top it off.

The inside was really good. However, the frosting on the outside is clearly taking over the cupcake. I just assumed that’s what everyone does in the cupcake blog/pictures…

The inside of the devil food cake, was Azuki filling I had bought from my local Marukai. It’s red beans/red bean paste with lots of sugar for that tasty goodness. Can you say sweet overload? This is when I had realized that the cake was supposed to be a bitter cake to balance out the flavor.

Finally, I end with a nice photo of a cupcake and a fork, taken with my hand-held Cannon. At least it looks nice! 🙂 That should be all that matters.