Five Fave Fridays – House is Where the Heart Is

Welcome to another week of fantabulous Five Fave Fridays! This week, I bring you some of my delightful house pop that I listen to!

Kaskade ft. Mindy Gledhill – Eyes

THIS SONG. So the way I choose my Five Fave Friday songs is by selecting one top-played song in my iTunes and creating a small playlist with it. This song has been played too many times and can’t stop being put on repeat! One time, the club I was dancing at played this track and I accidentally squealed in delight. Maybe it wasn’t an accident. Maybe it was intentional. Maybe it was actually my house and not a club. Whatever. Just listen.

Medina – You and I

Featured Medina last week, and I will again. This song is so powerful… listen-post-breakup powerful. Am I Right? “There is no longer you and I!”

Scissor Sisters – Only the Horses

I didn’t realize they made a music video to this! This entire time, before writing this post, I had thought that I discovered an amazing B-side track of Scissor Sisters. So disappointed! Actually, let’s take a moment to thank the heavenly lord for Jake Shears. That is all. Disappointment, gone.

Kylie Minogue – Get Outta My Way

Kylie Minogue! The queen of house pop! She’s been making golden tracks for ages! What does she use as her moisturizer!? Get Outta My Way is one of those that I can come back to again and again. Delightful dancing, glittery glam and a flash of fierce face!

Kim Sozzi – Feel Your Love

So if you aren’t tripping out from this music video – you’re doing something wrong. Doesn’t her face remind you a little of Imogen Heap? Slightly? Maybe the lights just got to me a little.

These songs perfect for that fitness class or a nice stretching session! Try it out. Go buy them or something.

Like my Fave Five Fridays? Let me know! See you next week!