Cute Mini Velvet Cupcakes

So I was baking a little bit this weekend. Actually, shopping and then baking. I actually guilted myself into baking because I bought a whole bunch of supplies. Woe is me and my sprees. 

Beautiful cupcake cups! I wanted to try my hand at the small ones, and that big one looks perfect for cooking. Think of what they will look like! Note: the white one is a size larger than the ones in the red label.
cute cups

A mini 24-count cupcake tray for my small baking cups. The mini ones I had bought don’t even fill the small holes up!mini tray
So freaking small… You just want to crush it and eat it!mini cupcakes
So, I went to Target (as usual) to find some supplies for my new apartment I will be moving into tomorrow. What the heck did I find? A “Locker Organizer” tray that looks perfect for baking!
…and for half the price. Imagine that.

They look pretty legit, don’t they? I even brought them over to the baking isle to compare the size/hole sizes… an exact replica! Now, why would a cooling rack be so much more expensive?
tray opened
Here is the velvet cake. This one was from a box. Yes, I was too lazy after a hard day of buying supplies. I made chocolate cupcakes afterwards that weren’t… but I got lazy on the picture taking instead! My demise! 🙁
red velvet
Here is the batter in a Ziploc bag after filling up the entire tray. The bag of batter does not appear diminished in size. *groan*
filling bag
They look mighty fine.
small filled

The results! Delectable, bite-size velvet cakes waiting to be eaten or swallowed whole.
mini cupcakes
Has one stranded away? Into my mouth…? haha…ha?
delectable mini cupcakes
Gross. Leftover cupcake batter. In a gross, useable tray!
leftover batter
The heroes of the party. My god, I got real lazy today!
Ta-da! Finished products. They are extremely cute!
finished product
Here are the leftover velvet cupcakes that I ate without any frosting… and guilt.

I am not looking forward to the packing I have planned for the whole day today. I am also not looking forward to the unpacking for tomorrow. How I dread moving back to UC San Diego! Summer has disappeared so fast!