Alternative Diva Five Fave Fridays

It’s Friday! Time for another round of Five Fave Fridays!

Step aside power divas. The alternative divas are in!

Whitney, Mariah, Christina, Madonna aside… these are some really yummy songs to feed that inner alternative diva inside of you!

Agnes – Release Me

I started listening to Agnes Carlsson around the time when she won Swedish Idol. Her voice is stunning! Thing song has been on top top charts of Europe for some time… along with her Swedish pride.

Ricki-Lee – Raining Diamonds

Despite all the naked horse riding controversy aside with her newest video, she is an amazing vocalist. (Look at lady Godiva now – this is art, people!)

Queen of Hearts – Tears in the Rain

I know what you’re thinking. “Steven. Where are you finding these songs?”

To be honest, I have no idea. Take this song for example, I frankly have no idea how this stumbled onto my iTunes. She was probably featured in a blog post from one of the music blogs I followed last year. Then Google Reader shut down and… yeah.

Anyway, Queen of Hearts has a fabulous collection of videos online. Check them out.

Clare Maguire – The Last Dance

There is much force in this one. With such a bombshell of a voice, Clare Maguire doesn’t get enough of the lime light she deserves. Her album, Light After Dark, is one of the few you can listen from front to back. Want some Phantom of the Opera realness? Or maybe some Whitney Houston/Agnes/Joni Mitchell pop? This album.

Marina and the Diamonds – Hypocrates

Marina, Marina, Marina! Always featured on this blog! Alternative queen playlist is never complete without some Marina and the Diamonds. Hypocrates is one of the tracks on her album that get gleaned over.

Like my Five Fave Fridays? Let me know!