5 Things I learned from Million Dollar Listing


One of my all-time favorite shows, “Million Dollar Listing New York follows three real-estate agents as they give viewers an inside look into the aggressive, high-stakes world of New York City’s real estate market.” (via BravoTV) Season 2 took the cake over the previous season.

These three men taught me more than real estate business – they taught me about life. After every episode, I was intrigued, inspired and ready to sell my next multi-million-dollar home. But until I get my hands on a listing, here are a few life lessons I’ve learned through this season.

1. Be Passionate


Image via BravoTV

Fredrik Eklund is one of the top real estate brokers in NY, for a reason. In this episode, he takes one of his potential buyer’s broker on a tour around SoHo to show her what she would be missing out if she misses this purchase opportunity. Fredrik takes it upon himself to share with the broker his passion in the listing.

Everyone in the world may be skeptical with what you have to offer – prove them wrong. Show them your passion and drive.

You’ll eventually open eyes, just as this broker did – which led to the purchase of the SoHo listing. Cha ching.


2. Live Life in Balance & Productivity


Image via BravoTV

Let’s see Ryan Serhant’s schedule:

4:23 am – Wake Up

5:00 am – Gym and out by 6:00 am

7:00 am – Start work in the office

Midnight or 1:00am – Work day ends, wrapping up client meetings and dinner plans


By the time the majority of America wakes up, Ryan has already taken care of grooming himself, taking a trip to the gym and prepped at work before anyone else in his office. He has managed to make sure to fit in his workout and allow room for dinner/social plans later at night.

Understand your core needs and make sure to schedule it into your daily routine.

Dive into his schedule via interview with The NY Observer


3. Hard Work Will Pay Off


Image via BravoTV

Luis D. Ortiz is always smiling on every episode of the show. He loves his job. Even though Luis is not as seasoned as Ryan and Fredrik, people continue to go to him. Why? Because he will deliver you the best he can. Luis will work his hardest for you.

When you are able to give it your all – people will see. Hard work will pay off.


4.  Never Lose Your Humanity


Image via BravoTV

In the season finale, Frederick apologizes to Luis about his behavior during a previous partner deal. (Fredrik didn’t mention the listing was already sold and letting Luis set up an open house for potential buyers) Even Fredrik was my favorite through this season, this simple gesture made me love him even more!

Humble humility – to understand that you are never perfect. 

Apologize when you make a mistake. Be sincere.


5. Anything is Possible


Image via BravoTV

All three of the brokers in this show come from various backgrounds – first-generation Puerto Rican (Luis), Swedish immigrant entrepreneur (Fredrik) and ex-soap opera actor/hand model (Ryan). Through persistence, hard-work and passion, they have all built themselves into successful real estate brokers in New York.

They make it work.

Life is what you make of it. Make it happen.